Contact a neighbour or go to your nearest public phone;see #19

Contact your power provider to obtain priority status

Please refer to the SCC Disaster Hub ( Road Closure tab.Current bushfire warnings &incidents appear on the qfes website.

SES 132500 or, if life threatening, 000.

3 days worth at a minimum.

High ground, inside and there will be options available at designated enclosures atevacuation centres.

Flick red lever on the top of door axle and raise door manually; read the manual.

Liberty as well as IGA and Woolworths have backup power.

Individual retailers may provide this service+Library, MNC, Community Centre

  • Cnr Teak and Maple
  • Cnr of Fig and Maple (Cooke Park);
  • Showground Entrance;
  • Cairncross Corner;
  • Cnr Maleny-Kenilworth Dr and Gumland Dr (Witta Store).

Hard copies of the Get Ready Maleny Disaster Handbook are located attheMaleny Library&theMaleny Neighbourhood Centre.An electronic copy of the Handbook is on the GRM website

Check Energex status at 13 19 62, if widespread or local

Depending on the extent of the disaster, the Sunshine Coast Council will activate theShowgrounds + Pavilion as an Evacuation Centre.Check the SCC Disaster Hub for confirmation

Depends on the Warning Status:Advice (monitor events),Watch andAct (prepare to leave),EmergencyWarning (leave immediately).

At the Evacuation Centre, Red Cross provides a service for families to becontacted oraccess your local public phone(see #19).

A dashboard of allagencies’ latest updates on conditions and directives.

The emergency kit has specific key items for staying at home during a disaster eventwhereas the evacuation kit includes additional itemsfor situations where you need to leaveyour house during a disaster event e.g. blankets, clothes.